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on Jun 29, 2009 in Landscape Photography

The D3x & Startrails

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I few emails have come in of late asking if I’ve shot any startrails with the D3x and if so, what I thought of the noise and quality of the final images. I have done quite a few with the D3x and 28f1.4 and quite happy with the results. But last night I thought I would switch things up a little and do a trail with the 24PC-E lens. It’s nothing fancy, a simple 5 hours, 100 image trail from the deck of our home.

The D3x is plugged into 120 via the EH-6 (luxury of doing it at home) with the timing being done with the MC-36. The settings on the D3x are M, f5.6 at ISO100. On the MC-36 they are Delay=0, Long=4min, Intvl=1sec and N=—. The 100 files are then processed using Image Stacker. Being it’s summer and so many are out and the nights are warm, give it a try if you never have. Keep in mind if you want dark skies and to see more stars, city lights and moon need to be minimal at best. You want the classic startrail of a circle of trails, point the camera towards the North Star. This particular trail, the camera was point due south. As to the D3x, it does a great job with startrails, the 24×30 print is very impressive.

Photo captured by D3x, 24PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film