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on Jul 1, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

From the Office

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I’m in the office for the week, pounding the keys to get writing projects done. While I’m not “outside” shooting, the activity out the window is picking up. Nesting is at its height and the adults are taking full advantage of the free food. They pay by posing like this female Cassin’s Finch. The lighting on the finch is from a single SB-900 through a Micro Apollo.

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We’ve had an incredible number of stormy and rainy days already this summer. Normally they don’t come until August but I don’t mind, they bring great light. When we don’t have the clouds, we have this kind of light. While it’s cool for a moment, it soon becomes just too heavy a light for the Band-tailed Pigeons.

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It’s the massive flock of Evening Grosbeaks that now dominant our feeders which are the funniest to photograph. The color of the males is killer even on a cloudy day. Their very loud whistle tells of their presense long before you see them. It makes being “stuck” behind the desk almost pleasurable!

Photos captured by D3x, 600VR on Lexar UDMA digital film