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on Jul 1, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts

Nikon WG-AS1

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I finally received the WG-AS1 (Water Guard – Accessory Shoe 1) for the Sb-900 & D3. My man Jeff Snyder snagged me 3, 2 in place and 1 spare. I’m heading off to AK and I know it’s going to rain so I thought since Nikon thought to make this thing, I should get ’em.

It’ a pretty custom fit, fitting just the SB-900 (the AS-1 is for D3, AS-2 is for D300, AS-3 is for D700) foot where it attaches to the camera’s hot shoe. The unit is half plastic and half rubber. The upper half is the hard plastic. When you slip the WG-AS1 over the SB-900 foot, you push it forward. There are “fixing nails” in the WG-AS1 which locks into the foot of the SB-900. It takes some pushing, a little scary the first time you attach it. But once done and in place, it ain’t falling off. Attaching the SB-900 with the WG-AS1 attached to the hot shoe or SC-28 takes a little bit of doing. Again, the first time you slide it on, it’s a bit, tight and takes force which seems almost uncomfortable to exert. Once on, you can flip the locking lever and plug in the SD-9 with no problem.

Now is this thing “water tight?” I’m trying to figure out a test to determine just how much moisture it can handle. Of course, if I should find out the maximum, the answer might cost a flash and that’s not covered under warranty. Stay tuned for a report.