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on Jul 15, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Success comes from Planning!

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We’re getting ready to go north again, heading to Brooks so Sharon can camp with griz  (she really loves that now). We’re going to be there for a week so there’s a few things to get ready, checked out and packed so all we do is have fun while at Brooks. We won’t be able to ship stuff up to ourselves because of our travel schedule, so everything we need has to go with us. You probably think that since we do this so much, heck, camped with the griz just last summer at McNeil, it’s kinda no-brainer for us. Well…..

What’s changed in a year? The first thing is, I’m older so we have a little bigger high country tent that it a bit taller. I learned from last time that normal luggage doesn’t work well at Brooks (pictured here are the luggage handlers), so we had some new waterproof duffles made for us at Nomar. The m4300 Dell has been replaced with the m4400. All new battery usage, time table to learn. While we have a new tent, it doesn’t come with a 120v plug. So testing for battery consumption goes on as I type. Being tired of buying notebook specific batteries, I’m trying a new external battery that I’ll report about later. New is the Moose Cam, dealing with its power and storage is something new to the mix. Then there is the main thing, photography.

I’ve not been to Brooks for eight years, alot has changed photographically since then. The last time I was shooting there it was with a D1 and 400f2.8AFS. Now it’s the D3x & D3, FX rather than DX so that begs the question, which lens to take? We’re going to be up with my shooting bud Kevin Dobler and his wife. Kevin & I have worked Brooks twice before together. After looking at my images from previous trips (something I always do prior to heading out) and talking it over with Kevin, right this moment I’m not sure which lens I’m taking, 600VR, 200-400VR or both. I’ve shot there previously with the 300f2.8 and 400f2.8 with an effective focal length of 450mm and 600mm. Since everything has to go up there on my back, I’m not sure what to do. It will be a couple of long days thinking…..

Photos captured by D1, 300f2.8AFS on Lexar UDMA digital film