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on Jul 16, 2009 in Just Out!

Nikon Bin Resource center posted


Nikon has a new Sport Optic Guide for Binoculars that’s worth checking out. There is a ton of information there, glad I didn’t have to assemble it all, but it’s all really good. I depend on bins on nearly a NK1250EUdaily bases to locate and ID species of interest. The pair that I love and have used since their introduction a decade ago are the 12×50 Superior E.This bad boy are bright, powerful, wide angle, light weight and basically indestructible. You can find out more about there here.

Nikon also has a pretty cool Birding Optics Guide. Sadly, there are few neighborhood stores anymore where you can look through bins or find someone who really knows them. These resources Nikon has put up makes it a whole lot easier for you to become quite knowledgable on a vital tool for the wildlfie and outdoor photographer. And if you ever want a spotting scope, Nikon is the way to go. I should have a review of their new one here shortly for you. I think you’ll find them all worth a gander.