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on Jul 17, 2009 in Field Reports

Coolpix Chronicles – Glacier

Pages are in the process of being updated. In the meantime you can watch our videos on our YouTube Channel as well as all Videos are available on iTunes as Podcasts!

When I travel, I always have the Coolpix P6000 with me. It’s a great little camera that captures raw files in the format of NRW which you can process like any raw file in NX2.2. The P6000 serves as a quick grab camera, recording moments that are fun, whimsical and otherwise not worthy of a ton of time. It also permits me to experiment alot with light. It’s just simple photographic fun!

Well I’ve ben doing this for a while. While up in Glacier for our Base Camp, the thought came to be one breakfast what I was doing, I was creating Coolpix Chronicles. So I finally got a moment to take 95 images from that week captured by the P6000 and run them through Animoto to create what you see here. All these images are Jpegs created from processed NRW files. All images were taken with the Cooplix P6000 with the WA attached. Enjoy!