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on Jul 28, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Back in Familiar Haunts

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After the mile walk up to the platform, it was great to put the tripod down and have Grizzly Bears in the viewfinder again. It’s been 9 months, too long and 8yrs since being at Brooks. Some things don’t change much, falls look the same, salmon though obviously not the same ones look the same and even two bears look familiar other than fatter and with a couple more scars.

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The bears were catching salmon with little effort with 14 bears at the falls this evening. Believe it or not, but being on top of the falls isn’t the prime spot. The bears up there have the #3 & #4 spots, they have to work to catch their meals. While the shooting was hot, I had a cold start. I’m a bit disappointed at the ethics and common courtesy not being shown by other shooters on the platform. I spent my first hour without even able to set up my tripod and shoot, some folks didn’t get the memo about limited space, closing up tripods and remembering to smile, they’re not at the office but with griz!

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After looking through my previous Brooks bear images, I decided to change up a few things this time. The first was I changed from A WB to Cloudy on the D3x and I really like the results for these conditions much better. I also decided to focus in more on the humorous moments between the bears. This one cracks me up, the one bear relishing its catch, the other drooling over what he can’t have. It was a great first evening. mtc

Photos captured by D3x, 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film