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on Jul 29, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Speaking of Characters. Day2

This movie requires Flash Player 9 A family of four showed up today, the very definition of characters in the fur. Mom is great, works hard to keep the kids and herself fed. She has three two year old cubs, one is a handful, one pretty calm and the last afraid of its own shadow. This movie requires Flash Player 9 The oldest seen here on the right looking cute and innocent is anything but. He is a handful now and will be a pain in the ass when an adult. Already in life, he has mastered stealing salmon from his mom. Competition between cubs can be intense but this kid takes it to a new level. He even tries to steal from the males at the falls. That could be fatal but it doesn’t seem to stop him. This movie requires Flash Player 9 What makes him even more a character is when he steals some fish, he shows it off. Seriously, he hams it up for what...

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