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on Aug 1, 2009 in Great Stuff

And now, the Rest of the Story


Joe’s Lighting Seminar was great. I wanted to be there for two reasons, one because Joe’s our dear friend and two, because I wanted to learn some specific things. We accomplished both things with an unique twist.

A number of folks came up to us during the seminar saying, “We thought you were in Alaska photographing Grizzly Bears.” In fact, we were in Alaska, the prior week, at Brooks Falls where there is no cell service, no internet and lots of bears (no way to blog from there). We had planned this months ago to surprise Joe during his Google class that he was conducting the day prior to his San Francisco class. Folks at Google (thanks Mike!) and at NAPP/Kelby Training (thanks Kathy & Jeff!) were in on the surprise, everyone except Joe. The blog postings were all a ruse for Joe, posted a week after the fact. Joe kept reading the blog thinking we were in AK (as did most of the world). He even called me during the week and I took the call and near the end, kept saying I think we’re going to loose the signal, I was in a remote place, then I hung up on him (yes, I’m going to hell).

We then drove from home over to SF and to Google Headquarters (darn cool place) where Joe was teaching. Just prior to lunch, Mike brought us into a hallway and then stuck his head into the classroom and told Joe he had a surprise model for him. It was then that Sharon, Jake & I walked into the room. Surprise! I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve ever seen Joe speechless.

There were a couple of things I wanted to learn from Joe. Yeah, I’ve learned lots from Joe since we do seem to teach a lot together as a team, but there were specific things I wanted to know and he delivered. For example, what the heck is the Honl Honeycomb Speed Grid for. Joe did a killer demo with it so now I know exactly. The other mystery for me was the Beauty Dish. Why didn’t I just ask Joe, because I know if I did he would tell me. Because I wanted to see more his thought process behind using them rather than just how to use them. Joe did a great job talking through his thought process with flash for five hours, it was great and I came away learning what I was seeking.

So now, you know the rest of the story.

Photo captured by D3, 28f1.4AF on Lexar UDMA digital film