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on Aug 20, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Camera Tech

Nikon 85PC-E

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Yeap, I went and did it. With the 24PC-E & 45PC-E in the bag, finally added the 85PC-E. I got it for some ultra wide panos I’m planning to take in the coming months. I’m returning to a number of locales where the 24PC-E was just too short to make the pano and now that I’ve been shooting with the 45PC-E for a while think it will be too short as well. So, in for an ounce in for a pound. The panos the D3x produces with these wicked sharp lenses is really fun to produce so looking forward to some 85PC-E panos.

The 85PC-E is wicked sharp with a pretty narrow depth of field. Trying a miniature to two while in ME is floating around in my mind. Also thinking about doing some portraits and macros with the lens. It does it all making it a rather multi functional lens. When I picked up the 24PC-E, I never thought I would have the other two PC-E lenses but the ultra wide panos have taken on a life of their own. Who knows, may be some day they’ll be a book.

The 85PC-E has all the movements of the 24 and 45 of Tilt and Shift. When the aperture is in the L mode, you can adjust the aperture just like any other lens via the camera body. One thing I was taken aback by was the lens shade, it’s a big thing. I also really like the macro capabilities focusing down to about 7″. I had a brief encounter with the original 85PC which was a nice lens, so far I think this version is a little sweeter. Looking forward to more camera time with it.