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on Aug 21, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

The Families hit the beach

We got to the “wren’ rock to find them not present but four or five Sage Thrasher families were in residence. They seem to be everywhere which was great. I wanted more of their biology on film and they provided plenty of opportunities. Of course, they first had to warm up, it was a chilly night.

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Once they warmed up, they waited for the Brine Flies to warm up because that’s what brought them down to the shore. Here, one of the kids is learning the ropes. It’s trying to decide which of the thousands he should try to munch. He is new to the neighborhood.

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While the kids were fun and provided some great biology shots, this one adult provide the classic poses at the shore shots. To make the shot, I had to slowly move to my right to get the nasty white tufa out from the background and incorporate just the blue water. Luckily the thrasher stuck, kinda like the final shot.

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Photo captured by D3x, 600VR w/TC-17e on Lexar UDMA digital film