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on Aug 24, 2009 in Landscape Photography

Playing with the bday present

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With Steph being here, we took a drive Friday over the hill to introduce her to Yosemite Valley. We had a great day exploring and sharing with her our backyard. We headed back up the pass towards home to find a dinner picnic spot and found a quiet one at the end of Tenaya Lake. While we’re eating, the sun slowly sank and the light got better and better. I’d taken to the lake’s edge my bday present, a new 16 Fisheye, I’d had it for a while but hadn’t found a shot for it. I’ve always wanted to own a 16mm, never had a need and my family being so good to me, made a long time wish come true.

The making of the photo was pretty darn easy. The curve of the rock shoreline and three boulders caught my attention. I laid on the ground about two feet away from the center boulder and titled the 16mm up to bend the horizon line as it appears and went click. In the DD I lit the three boulders using Nik’s Color Efex Brillance/Warmth and called it a day. I’m not “apply the 16mm because I can’t make an image” kinda guy but find it to be a very specialized tool to be used only certain times. Now that I own one, I’ll have to look more for those special opportunities.

Photo captured by D3x, 16 Fisheye on Lexar UDMA digital film