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on Aug 28, 2009 in Camera Tech, Digital Darkroom, Great Stuff

OnOne’s DSLR Remote – bloody ingenious!!


OnOne Software, makers of such cool pluggins as Genuine Fractals and PhotoFrame4 came out a little while ago with DSLR Camera Remote. The original version besides working with just Canon, had a little bit of a clunky UI. The latest version just released yesterday freakin rocks!!! Not only is the UI  updated and outstanding, it now works with Nikon. OnOne’s DSLR Camera Remote works with either iPhone or iTouch on either Mac or Windows. I installed it on both iPhone & iTouch but use the iTouch for actual operation.

Setup couldn’t be any simpler either thanks to OnOne. Once you purchase the app ($20) from the Apple Store, you head to the OnOne website and get the DSLR Camera Remote Server (free). You install this on your desktop or notebook, it’s a no-brainer. I installed in on my Dell m4400 running Vista seamlessly.

dslrCRSOnce installed, you launch the server. The Server App gives you the option to download the images from your camera to any folder you’d like. I selected the folder in DigitalPro5 so I can see the images coming in instantly. You then turn the wireless on your iPhone or iTouch. If you’re working in a wireless network, the network name appears on your iPhone/iTouch. Tap on it and it’s that simple, even on Windows, you’re connected to your camera.  What comes up next is the UI you see at the top.

IMG_0002You have an amazing amount of wireless control (the camera is tethered to the computer, computer wireless to iPhone/iTouch) with DSLR Camera Remote. You have control over basics like exposure compensation, white balance, f/stop or exposure mode. You also have options like bracketing and interavolmeter control. I have yet to test it out to see how precise you can control the intervals, but it’s pretty slick.

What if you don’t have a wireless network? You could set up a AdHoc with your notebook. You can see how Dave Cross did that here. The one feature that I think I love the best is you can see right on your iPhone/iTouch the photo you just took. And if that isn’t cool enough, you can view right through the viewfinder with Live Preview that is part of DSLR Camera Remote. I believe it’s tapping the LiveView in the camera body because you hear the mirror go up when it’s engaged. However it works, it works really slick!

Am I excited about this? Damn Straight! While I’ve not taken the time to hook it all up, I’m pretty sure I can use the WT-4a with this which would provide a wireless, seeing through the viewfinder solution to remote photography all for the price of $20! OMG!!!

The folks at OnOne do an amazing job helping photographers finish their images with their Photoshop pluggins. Now they’ve ventured into the capturing of images and making that better and easier for us all. I think they deserve a HUGE round of applause!