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on Sep 3, 2009 in Camera Gear Posts, Just Out!

EDG Spotting Scope

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It’s no secret, I love glass and my friends at Nikon know this all to well. Jon in the sport optics especially keeps my hunger fed with amazing glass, his latest offering is simply, gorgeous. I’ve used scopes for a LONG time, there is always one in my truck (which Jake adopted and now has in his truck). The new EDG 65mm that Jon sent me is the finest scope I’ve ever looked through, and I’ve observed through them all! It is so bright, so sharp, so easy on the eye, I can’t stop watching my neighbors through it (just kidding!).

edgscope What I find really cool is just how thought out the scope is. What do I mean by that? Let’s start with the simple things, the caps. Easy to get on and off while wearing gloves, that’s a biggie for me. They stay attached to the scope yet get out of the way, that’s cool. The focusing ring is huge and easy to turn with gloves on and even with gloves, the smooth focus is very precise. Probably the coolest thought out feature is the case that comes with the scope. The case fits the scope like a glove with snap pieces that go on and off easily to access features like the focusing ring. Very slick!

You might be wondering though why there’s a photo of the moon in this posting. Yeah, the scope does a sweet job when star gazing, but the photo you see here was actually taken with the scope with a D3x attached. The FSA-L2 DSLR adapter is slick! The eyepiece and adapter both work on the F Bayonet mount so you click the FSA-L2 into place and then attach your camera and you’re shooting. You are working at f/13 and there is no AF, but you have matrix metering and a zoom lens from 500-1750 (DX, less zoom on FX). The photo of the moon was taken in this way. It goes way beyond digiscoping but is not a replacement for a 600VR since the scope is a fixed f/13. I wouldn’t hesitate though if scoping something to attach the camera and shoot especially if there wasn’t time to get the 600VR set up. For those of you who bird, or spy on your neighbors, this is the scope for you! And Jake, you won’t be adopting this one any time soon.