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on Sep 4, 2009 in Random Thoughts

File it under Pilot Error

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A lifetime ago before I put out my shingle as a photographer, I haunted a camera repair shop, leaning on Geoffy’s workbench just fascinated by all the little gears, switches and elements that make a camera work. When a piece of gear was broken because the photographer screwed up, Geoff would simply shake his head wearing that Willey Coyote grin and say, “Pilot Error.”

As I mentioned, I’ve spent most of my week getting the new digital library computer set up and running. The Dell T5500 only has loaded on it image processing software, has no contact to the outside world and is the hub to the library’s 40TB of storage. It is the machine that gets the submissions out to clients and makes the gallery prints (that I’m so behind on, sorry). To say it’s rather important to the business is an understatement. SO when this BRAND new machine which is lightning fast came to a roaring halt when I tried to print, well, lets just say I wasn’t a happy camper. After a couple of days of frustration and many conversations with those smarter than I (THANKS Dave, Russell, Tom, Adam) it was suggested to change just one setting, one I had altered from the default.

memoryThe problem, PS would start to spool up to print and then stop but not before sending the paper through the Epson 7900 and coming out blank. Any image I tried to print larger than 300MB, the computer, my brand new hot rod would just shut down and not play. Well, when I changed the Memory Usage in CS4 to 95% (Edit>Preferences>Performance) like I’ve always done, I was causing my own problems. I was told long ago that was the way to go and logically that makes sense, give PS more RAM so it works faster. It don’t work that way as I found out. I NOW know that the Ideal Range that PS suggests is actually the ideal range determined by the engineers at Adobe and scripted into PS. I set the Memory Usage as you see and all is right in the world again. The bottomline, my three days of frustration were all pilot error!

But today the Epson 7900 is cranking out gorgeous prints and by Monday I should be all caught up with the print orders. So, I woke up smelling the flowers (so did Jake it seems), again and all is right at my desk.

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Coming back from our morning walk, saw this big sunflower and I thought it kinda summed up the day’s prospects so I grabbed a camera and made a couple of clicks. It also served as another test for the new computer, just to make sure nothing goofed up during the night. And while I was shooting the sunflower I saw this tight bunch of daisy’s blooming. The shape of the bunch reminded me of an old 6mm fisheye photo so I ran back in and got the 16mm. I focused at its minimum focusing distance and went click.  A new computer working, friends so willing to help out and flowers still blooming. It’s been a good week with a happy ending!

Photos captured by D3x, 24PC-E / 16Fisheye on Lexar UDMA digital film