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on Sep 15, 2009 in Wildlife Photography

Thoughts of south are in the air

We awoke this morning to a thin layer of ice on the bird baths. The sun is making its way over the fall hump and the light angle and quality has made its change (I love fall light). The majority of our spring and summer birds are gone and just our residents are at the feeder. It must be fall!

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And what does that mean for us wildlife photographers? We need to make sure we have our long lenses cleaned and ready to go, gloves and jackets out of storage and packed as we’re heading to those great hot spots where migratory birds congregate. I know I’ll be at Bosque in Dec, but there are other great locales I would like to make it to. There are the marshes in WA, Bear River NWR in Utah, there is a place in OH & others that I would really love to get to. I don’t think I’ll visit them all. So I hope you do and head to Twitter and post a link so we can see what you experience.

Now when I say long lens cleaned, I mean exactly that. I send all my Nikon gear in once a year to have a CLA, Clean, Lube and Adjust done to it. Why? The gear goes through a lot in a year’s time and making sure all the screws are tight (wonder if they can work on Mooses?), glass cleaned and contacts sound just makes sure that when I’m shooting, the only problem I run into are pilot error.

Many ask about gloves, especially the ones I’m wearing in my Kelby Training videos. Those gloves are Swik Techical Wear XC Ski gloves and sadly, they are no longer available. The three pairs I had originally bought have all worn out so I was looking for new ones. I found some new mountain bike gloves that are perhaps a little better than my old ones. I’m going to test them out the next couple of weeks and if they are as good as I was told, I’ll pass along their name.