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on Sep 16, 2009 in Aviation

Blue Angle Day

It was a slow start, not for photo opps but for me to get back into shooting. It’s the longest spell I can remember not shooting, five days and I felt it. Before the sun was up, we were at Stead Airport for the Reno Air Races. The Blue Angels were gearing up so we headed on down.

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It just took a couple of whiffs of Jet-A and I was thinking photography. Now, did I actually make any images. I’m still not sure. The above image is just a burst from the D3 to get one with the strobes going off.

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Once the sun popped up, I looked down the ramp to see this one Blue Angel off by itself. I moved a bit to the right, got low and made some click at minus 2. Kinda like this one, just a basic, romantic, clean shot

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Later on in the afternoon the Blue Angels were up for two hours getting use to the field. The didn’t do much formation flying but I got this one click when they did that is kinda cool. I had a really cool photo opp today with a great guy, Mark Johnson. I’ll have more of that story and some pics later. It’s great being back here, really love the photographers who are here shooting. Just the greatest bunch of folks. mtc

Photos captured by D3, 70-300/ 200-400VR on Lexar UDMA digital film