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on Sep 22, 2009 in Landscape Photography

DLWS ME 1st day

Ah, we’re up in ME for our DLWS and man, is it hot. I’m not talking about the photography but the weather. In fact, it’s so hot it’s zapped our atmosphere so the first morning shoot was for me, a zero. Yeap, I got skunked but that happens. I knew the evening shoot would put me back on the score card.

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We went to Bass Harbor and Bernard which just never lets you down photographically or for dinner. Our good friend Gary Stanley brought us here a lone time ago so it’s still a special place to us. We had no weather so needed to wait for the sun to go down for the magic to begin.

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As you can tell, I went to the PC-E lens for awhile. I had a great time producing a couple of “miniatures” that I really like. I always wonder if you can see the effect in these small posters but its easy to see on the notebook monitor.

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Then once the sun went down the water turned that really cool blue so then it was back to the 200f2 and letting the magic in. But of that is dialing in minus 2 exp comp. That’s what helps make the white and blue do the dance in the light. We’ve got a great group of folks here which is important to me this week. I am dragging coming right from the Reno Air Races to here. Their energy is keeping me going. Who needs sleep anyways!

Photos captured by D3x, 85PC-E, 200VR on Lexar UDMA digital film