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on Sep 23, 2009 in Field Reports

The Coast is oozing in!

My first morning, not so good. That afternoon, started to get back into landscape shooting mode. Tuesday morning started off to be a challenge in the fog and then as time moved on, there were images to be found everywhere.

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I posted this photo in haste just to make fun of my dear friend McNally but it wasn’t finished. If you look at it, you’ll see what I’m referring to. I wanted darker, cleaner water and wanted the blue in the left boat not competing with the boat on the right. I achieved the finished image by using Silver Efex Pro and painting out via a Layer Mask the effect on the boat on the right. I like this image much better finished.

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Sticking with the nautical theme, I continued down the dock to there boats. This was a pretty image to do once I change my idea to crop out with lens selection the photographers on the right of the dock shooting. That dictated to me going B&W to still further remove visual elements bugging me.

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This was the shot that really made my morning. The colors just knock my socks off! I shot with the 45 PC-E so the plane of focus runs through the bow of the boat to the rope while shooting at just f/4. I needed to do this to get a shutter speed fast enough to deal with wave action. Then finishing was all done in NX2.

Photos captured by D3x, 45 PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film