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on Oct 1, 2009 in Camera Tech

Photo Safari Light class

The PSW Photo Safari is taught with my good bud Joe McNally. What’s the goal of Photo Safari? It’s two fold, instill the fun and passion in the craft of photography and teach a little light. We teach the light as it falls on the scene from above but even more with small flash. Here’s the photo from the flash session I taught, the last set.

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The stage is pretty simple. Lanette is looking saucy and distant for the poor field hand Lane who has come in from a hard day’s work. At least, that’s the lame story I gave these two talented models to help them “get in the mood.” The light is pretty simple. Lanette has a SB-900 with 1/2 CTO pushing through a EzyBox. Lane is another SB-900 pushing through a 1/2 CTO and Honl 1/8 grid spot. All being driven by the SU-800. The mind twist for the folks learning was the fact the camera body is set to -4 exp comp! Why? The sky, I didn’t want washed out, no appearance sunset. I wanted, well, what you see and to get that, I simply underexposed it to submission. The flashes were set to +2 and everything else just feel into place from there. It was great fun and hopefully more folks will pull out their flash and play a little more with this creative light source.

Photo captured by D3x, 24-70AFS w/SB-900 on Lexar UDMA digital film