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on Oct 2, 2009 in Great Stuff

One of THE best things of PSW


The folks at NAPP have created in Photoshop World this amazing community. The community shares the common passion of visual communication and within that are more great conversations in a couple of days then one might have in a lifetime. I started the day with some great sharing with participants, the sharing going in both directions. I then had the great treat of listening in as Jay Maisel crited Joe McNally’s classroom shoot he  just  did the previous hour. Wow, that was cool as the smallest nuisance of Gesture and color were discussed. Then I had a great conversation with someone I truly admire, JP Caponigro before our Art of Digital. Then the perfect day was finished with this guy pictured, someone I truly love for his passion of photography and teaching, Jimmy D. He’s such a big lug with such a vast knowledge. Thanks Jimmy for all you do!