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on Oct 9, 2009 in Landscape Photography, Moose Adventures

Eyes where wide open

The afternoon found my favorite, bald skies, staring us in the face. Decided to take the gang to a special place, an old mine up in the hills. You’ve seen many images from here over the years as I often take photographers up to the old site. Why? It’s a bloody challenge! As soon as you walk in you just know there are images all around, they just tend to not be in the viewfinder. I’ve made a couple of favorites here though so the challenge keeps calling me back. I knew this image was here, today though I found it in the viewfinder

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It’s an screened, outside cooler for pies and cakes (must have smelled great). The black tar paper is just about everywhere so not including it is not an option. Making it something is the challenge and the light this afternoon along with the weathered warmth of the wood just clicked for me.

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I like both images though they are totally different. I think one is stronger than the other, just don’t know which one, yet.

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A monkey could have found this last image so the moose fell into it easily. It was a good day!

Photos captured by D3x, 85PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film.