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on Oct 10, 2009 in Landscape Photography, Moose Adventures

Small Victories

What can I say, the magic wore out, karma used up, weather gods didn’t want to play. whatever it was, the morning just didn’t have any drama. Not that it’s a particular horrible thing because we were still in a gorgeous place. Took the gang to a favorite haunt of mine, one few get to and they enjoyed it so it was rewarding very much so in those regards.

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My small victory this morning was cheating the wind of taking away the one subject that was working, the blooming Rabbit Brush. The only tool I know of combating the wind is shutter speed. But when it’s dark and you want DOF, shutter speed is really on the skinny side. Well, I wondered to myself if I used the PC-E correctly for a change, could I tilt the lens enough to pull DOF while shooting at f/2.8 which permitted the fastest possible shutter speed (no, I don’t raise ISO to solve the problem).

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I was quite pleased to see that I could. The top photo was shot at f/2.8 & 4 degrees of tilt (pretty impressive range of DOF) and the bottom image shot at f2.8 with 4 degrees of tilt. And both are sharp, no blossom blur from the wind. Something to stick in the back of my mind for future use. That’s actually the bigger challenge, remembering what I learned.

Photos captured by D3x, 24PC-E / 85PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film