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on Oct 19, 2009 in Landscape Photography

MI DLWS Had A Great Start!

Starting at a place called Fishtown, sounds kinda fishy to the newbies but the photography at this small locale smells pretty sweet! Arriving prior to sunrise, the surprise that the old dock town has in store is hidden. Once the light starts to come up, the possibilities abound.

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The clouds had so much promise, the light was encouraging but it ended up being a promise unanswered. So I turned to the digital darkroom. This photo was taken at -1.5 so capturing all the highlight detail in the sky was tricky because the 16Fish takes in so much. That meant the fishing village went into shadows and black. That was a plus and minus. The plus was some of the yuck disappeared, the minus was some of the cool stuff disappeared as well. So I simply went into NX2, dropped some Color Control points on the buildings, brought up the brightness, contrast and warmth and called it finished. It was a lesson that the class thought was pretty darn cool. Especially since it only took a minute to finish.

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And then there is my hero, Joe McNally. From this sleepy little village Joe enters and finds subjects, situations and of course, killer images. I was on the other end of town and got in only during the last few minutes but I like the one quick portrait I was able to capture. That guy, he just works magic!

It’s going to be a great week!

Photos captured by D3x 16Fish / 200f2 on Lexar UDMA digital film