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on Oct 20, 2009 in Landscape Photography

MI Is SO Hot, No Time To Blog!

I just love this state, in the fall that is (to be fair, I have never been here any other time). The little treasures that are tucked away in its countryside are simply so much fun to find. For example, we took the DLWS gang to Hartwick State Forest Park yesterday afternoon. Barely on maps, this great piece of wild heritage it really tucked in the middle of nowhere.

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All the photos here were taken by walking no further than 100 yards from where we parked. Yeah, there is just that much potential because these are only 3 of the 19 set ups I did in this small stretch of the forest. I walked really slowly just looking side to side, up and down selecting those opportunities I wanted to capture.

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I mentioned in an earlier blog I wanted to work my B&W fall color, kind of an oxymoron, I know but what can I say is, I was very pleased with my progress in that pursuit yesterday. Here’s my favorite from yesterday.

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The skies were not the best for shooting straight up but were beautifully diffused for shooting in the forest, but I wanted to shoot up. I kept looking and looking, got a stiff neck and then finally after the sun had set I found a small window to shoot. I took a number of variations of this, dancing with the bit of blown out sky you see here in the lower left. Still not sure if I will leave it of close in some leaves to make the bright area smaller or not, but I’m happy with the image.

We were going until after 11PM and out again well before daylight. MTC

Photos captured by D3x, 24PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film