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on Oct 26, 2009 in Just Out!

NY Adorama Workshop Has An Opening!

Hey, I had a person have to pull out of our cool Adorama Workshop coming up in a few weeks. This might be just the opportunity you were waiting for. As a refresher, here’s all the poop and nothing but the poop.

I am incredibly excited to announce our Nov 12 & 13 workshop at Adorama. After the sell out, incredibly successful event this spring, we decided to not only do it again, but up the ante. The Thursday night presentation is open to as many folks as can squeeze into the room. It’s a presentation all about YOU so you don’t want to miss it.

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Now on Friday, this is the big news. We’re heading out to Jamaica Bay NWR. What’s so good about that, especially if you want to go but don’t have a big lens for bird photography? Let me tell ya. Nikon will have a dozen, that’s 12 long lenses, 500mm/600mm (w/1.7x converters) loaners for folks and Gitzo is providing the sticks. That’s all covered in the price of admission. All you have to do is show up with a camera body & cards. Now, that’s cool! This event is brought to you by Adorama and sponsored by Nikon and Gitzo and is going to be big time fun and some sweet photography thrown in for good measure.

What are our subjects? Birds! The Short-billed Dowitchers you see here were photographed at Jamaica Bay a number of years back at a Walk Softly field trip. We had more folks along  that time than we will have on this workshop and we had the nastiest overcast you can imagine. Even still, I produced this one image that to this day I still really like. It’s these skills and many more we’ll cover over the workshop and if my plan all falls into place, I will have grabbed the imagination of at least one new wildlife photographer and started them down the road of my favorite type of photography.

Registration is handled all through Adorama and if its like last time, it will be filled within a couple days of this posting. I hope you’re one of the ones who we get to share this special day with us.