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on Nov 3, 2009 in Just Out!

Nikon iPhone App

IMG_0335Nikon has come out with an iPhone app which I think might turn out to be really cool. Right now it’s worth picking up especially since it’s free. It’s part of their Learn & Explore and with more folks tapping it, I think they’ll put a lot more into it. With that said, there’s already a bunch here for you tap into. IMG_0337

For example you have access to a ton on info right on your iPhone from Nikon World. I’m personally excited about this because my piece in the current issue of Nikon World will appear in the future as well as some other content we’re working on. They haven’t got McNally’s summer 2009 piece up yet, so this new technology does take a little time. But there is still great content here.

There is a page of images that have been uploaded from those participating in Nikon’s Flickr group I believe. That’s pretty darn cool and provides you with image inspiration.

IMG_0336Now I like the potential here. While you need a WiFi connection for this at the moment, you have access to training videos via your iPhone. Having video content on the iPhone is here is limited amounts, the more we support it the more that will become available. This has great learning and sharing potential for all of us. Check it out.

IMG_0338And finally, the initial release has a complete glossary of photographic and Nikon terms. Why would this excite me? As someone who receives lots of emails asking what these terms mean, having it readily available to folks might help them and me at the same time.

The way iPhone apps work is the more folks to download them and then use them, the greater the encouragement for the app producer to upgrade and update the app making them more and more useful. While more can be added to this app making it better, it won’t happen if more and more folks don’t support it. Please, grab the app and give it a try, it will help all of us and our photography in the end!