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on Nov 11, 2009 in Just Out!

Ida Blew Away My Plans!

Ida is coming to NY, projected for hitting Friday when I was so looking forward to photographing birds at Jamaica Bay (wind puts birds down so it kills photography). So we went to Plan B, which to be honest with you, excites me just as much. We’re going to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and work D.U.M.B.O. I’ve always, always wanted to do that so can’t wait. We do have a couple of spots available so if you want to come, please, we’d love to have you so give Adorama a call. But wait, I have more!

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Now here’s the deal I’m offering you folks. We’re going to have a little photo contest. We’ll give you all the details on Friday, but you all win first because your images will be featured on the Adorama website. One person in particular though will be a big winner. We are offering the best photo shot on Firday (picked by me) a full paid tuition to one of our DLWS event ($1000 value) of your choice. I want to really push you which pushes me shooting Friday and willing to pay you to push me. How’s that for a deal?

We start at one of my favorite places, Chamber Street Sub station and then it just get’s better. Hope you can join us!