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on Nov 12, 2009 in Great Stuff

Pony Up, What’s With The Ghosts?

Some of you were curious enough to email and inquire about the roof top ghosts. Of course, it all came about by accident in the beginning, the final image though was planned and shot a few times to make it all work.

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What you’re seeing is a reflection of Sharon in her sweats in the window. When I first started to shoot that first night, I had this funky little color tint in a photo. I looked and looked outside trying to see what the lens was seeing since it was basically smashed against the window. Well after looking really closely, I realized it wasn’t as smashed as I thought and it was seeing a little reflection of Sharon. So the second night I stood back from the window, got Sharon’s reflection where you see it and then had her move a little bit during the 1/4sec exposure creating the ghost. I shot about 20 frames to get the blur and its position where I wanted it, otherwise it was easy to do.