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on Nov 15, 2009 in Random Thoughts

What's a Picture Worth?

I’m TOTALLY shocked by this stat!

You probably can’t tell from the text but I always thought you could from the photos, figure I actually put some time and thought into what I post here. So I keep track of the stats just to see what hits and what misses with you so I put my efforts into places that count. SO I was just blown away when looking at the stats from the D3s post that went up. In its 1st 24hrs, 30,737 folks “saw” that post (can’t say how many read it). That’s not what blows me away, that’s not new.

What blow me away is that only 978 actually looked at the photographs, the Zoomify images!

Forget the time I took to post all of that, what flies though my head in one simple question. How in the hell do folks determine where the truth lies if they don’t look at the photographs? The proof is ALWAYS in the pudding not the recipe. These stats are devastating to me, why the hell even post images, just type some dribble and leave it that. Hell, just get some crayons out and call it a day.

Folks, PHOTOGRAPHS are everything! Those 978 who checked out the images, I thank you and know YOUR photography has to be better than the rest for one simple reason. You’re curious about your craft which always translates into better images! And why is there no photo here? Guess.