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on Nov 24, 2009 in Field Reports

THE subject of the Morning?

One of the aspects of photography that gets me up early is the unknown. Yeah, you plan to get up early to go to this place or photograph that subject but not until you are actually in place do you know if your plans are going to work or fate is going to take over. Well, such was the happenings of our Monday morning in Central Park with DLWS.

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World, say HI to Harry! The sun no sooner broke over the park then the gang found Harry and his owner playing on the lawn. He’s a great dog and his owner  a really nice person so Harry had his first modeling session.

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Harry was a natural! He would fetch the ball, come back, put it down and then pose without a que. I watched for quite a while in the background as the group just had a ball photographing this very photogenic dog. He seemingly could strike any pose and you see here. This was the “act like you’re leaning on a chair” pose. What a star!

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Seriously, for the rest of the day, the word went out that the dog paparazzi were cursing the park! Even McNally pulled out the EZYbox to photograph another bull dog. It was great fun. I grabbed just a couple of shots on the fringe, I kinda felt left out of the fun.

Photos captured by D3s, 70-200VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film