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on Nov 25, 2009 in Just Out!

Ever Grab the Wrong Lens?

There we were at Miami Int’l waiting for our flights, sipping our Starbucks. Whenever I’m at an airport, I try to get a view of the tower. You see, a number of Art of Digital’s ago, Jay Maisel had this killer shot of the tower with a plane taking off perfectly perched on top of it. I’ve always wanted that shot but have had no luck. So while in transit today, we found the perfect view of the tower so I watched and watched. While I didn’t see any planes, I saw this cloud that I thought in B&W would look kinda cool. So I grabbed the body and headed over to the window.

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I headed over to the window quite excited that I might have a cool image. I hit the shutter release, scaring the crap out of a person sitting there, which then shocked me back into really looking at what I had in the viewfinder. My mind saw only what it wanted to which wasn’t the photo. I had rushed over to the window with the wrong lens! Damn! I had the 50f1.4 attached. So I ran back over to the seats to switch lenses.

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I got back over the window, the person now prepared for the burst and put the camera up to my eye. Damn, the cloud had moved and the photo no longer there. It doesn’t happen very often to me, but I hate it when I grab the wrong lens for a fleeting shot. Is there a cure for it? Other then being smarter, I could have switched into DX mode because with my nose up against the glass, getting closer wasn’t an option. It just means I have to keep looking, waiting and remember the lesson next time the opportunity presents itself.

Photos by D3s, 50f1.4AFS / 70-200VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film