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on Dec 16, 2009 in Great Stuff

The Best Rewards

edfrtizThere are times when, the teaching opportunity, the stage that is set for you to perform, is just lacking. You get spoiled by working with the best like the folks at NAPP and Photoshop World, they set the mark pretty damn high for others. Those times though when your expectations let you down, you still hope that the message you’re trying to bring across reaches someone.

Let me introduce you to Ed2, a quiet, unassuming guy who in class was pretty darn quiet to say the least. On shoots, I rarely saw him and he never asked questions. We found him one morning on a dock photographing a boat’s lobster catch being unloaded and we talked briefly, but conversations were minimum at best. Then the class ended and I felt like I had totally missed my mark with all the group.

Then the emails started to pile in from Ed2, he had been listening, he had taken what was valuable to him and made it his own.  He even went further and watched the most excellent WordPress video by my good friend RC. Dang cool! Along with the “kid” (really love his work), they took a looser week for me and made it very much into a winner. I always hope when teaching I reach at least one person, this week it was two. It’s one of the best rewards as a photographer!