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on Dec 17, 2009 in Great Stuff

Crossing the Bridge with Moose


Last month we had this little, informal photo contest amongst the folks who participated in the Adorama / Nikon / Moose day long workshop. Originally we were going to spend the day shooting at Jamaica Bay NWR with the aid of 12, 600mm/500mm lens courtesy of Nikon NPS and tripods provided by Bogen Imaging. Then Ida blew into town, literally and blew away my plans. Well I still wanted to go shooting, take the folks along and do some teaching and man, did we have one helluva a great day!

I wanted to say thanks to the folks for walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain, shooting the entire time and then our time spent in DUMBO. So Sharon & I offered a little “prize’ for the winner, all tuition paid pass to a DLWS event of the winners choice. As it turns out, the winner is Ed Fritz who I just spotlighted yesterday on the blog. It’s just amazing how good photography just keeps rising to the top! I want to thank the folks at Adorama, Monica, Jeff & Harry along with Mike & Chris from Nikon and we especially want to thank all the folks who joined us. You can see all the entries into our little contest here which just gives a hint of the fun we had. Thanks one and all for making it a great day. Oh yeah, we’ll be back again next May for our next event, can’t wait!