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on Dec 23, 2009 in Field Reports

Early Christmas just keeps comin!

photo courtsey Nikon

My bud Jeff (at Adorama) who I think is really the king of glass pushers (my old title) dropped me an email that this new little gem should be in early next year so I put my name on the list for one. I hear that it should work killer, better than previous models with the D3 AF system and better edge sharpness and with a project coming up this summer where there’s going to be an ocean between me and the subject, I’ll need the optical reach. When I get it and shoot it a bit, I’ll throw up a user report.

Oh yeah, before I forget, Jeff has a used 600VR coming into stock in a few weeks. Not only are they very hard to find, but it will be at a killer price. Drop him a note if you want to give yourself one helluva xmas present!