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on Dec 29, 2009 in WRP Ed Zone

Eastern Sierra Adventure – April '10

We’re announcing our next Eastern Sierra Adv, April 08-11, 2010. Basing out of Lone Pine, CA, we’ll shoot until we drop for four days some of the best and least known treasures the Eastern Sierra has to offer. From snow to wildflowers, to the highest and lowest point in North America, we’ll try to see it all. Locations such as Alabama Hills (photo below), Stovepipe Wells, Bristlecone Pines (if open), Mt Whitney, unnamed canyons and never explored washes to ghost towns are on the menu.

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The four days are crammed between shooting, talking, a couple of meals and post processing. This is a landscape photography adventure. Those who attend should do so because they see something in my landscape photography that intrigues them and then want to learn more about it. There is a lot more to the landscape photograph then f/stop and shutter speed and that’s what we spend our time exploring. You can see a small sample of what we’ll explore here or searching the blog further. There is a staff of 3, Moose, Sharon & Stephi and a participant group of 6. The price is $1095 and included instruction only. If interested, call Sharon at 760.924.8632.