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on Jan 1, 2010 in Accessories, Camera Tech

Buffalo 500GB Ext Drive


Road warrior workflow is a must, at least it is for me. For that reason I don’t trust any of my images to the internal drive of the notebook for long term storage. Being a person who has had both of his notebooks stolen, I’m not going through that pain again. I travel with four of these Buffalo 500GB externals, what you see here are the Master Drives for stills and video. I have a second set which are the backups. Every night prior to hitting the sack, all images are edited and moved and filed to the external. And then just before lights out, I hit the button in DigitalPro and these harddrives and backed up and cksum while I sleep. The Master resides in the briefcase and the backups are in the photopack. They’ve never let me down and that’s after float plane and helicopter flights, dirt roads and float trips. They just work!