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on Jan 1, 2010 in Camera Tech

The Nikon D3x


This is my MAIN body! What does that mean? It’s the body I turn to for most of my photography. You might be asking, “You rely on a body that shoots 1.8fps for wildlife?” Yea, I do. There are a number of reasons for this but the number one is the file quality the D3x produces. The next would be going for quality and not quantity. And lastly, it’s because I use techniques like Peak of Action to make the shot when it presents itself.

Some quick stat: D3x – ain’t cheap! D3x – 14bit, uncompressed Nef = 26MB: Tiff from said file (above) processed by NX2=143MB! 16GB card holds 426 Raw+ Jpeg, counter says 213 when card is first loaded. Cannot load D3 setting into D3x using card load option. Frames Per Second shooting 14bit, uncompressed at CH My goal is not to convince you that you need to buy a D3x or justify its price. I just want you to see the detail I see. Here are a couple of side by side photos taken with the D3x and D3 using the 70-180macro. The orchard images were taken at f/38 and the stamps at f/11, manually focused, 14bit raw. The files are straight from the cameras other than the Zoomify which have to be switched to 8bit (all are now Jpegs, conversions by the programs).

You make the call, but you might not see the difference in the narrow band the web offers (not sure I can now that it’s posted). And the reality is the vast majority of you are not likely to be a future D3x owner. You can find a whole lot more about the D3x on the site by checking out this link.

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