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on Jan 5, 2010 in Random Thoughts

How Obessed Can I Be?

Yeap, I get this question quite often. “I mean really,  can’t you just move on?” I’ve posted a few times how I’m a not a graceful looser. I really hate having somethings beat me. This is a classic example of just not being satisfied.

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Yeap, they are just bubbles in my morning cup of joe. 30yrs ago in school I flunked that coffee bubbles assignment, “Your bubbles are lifeless and the lighting flat.” I got the glycern, soap and straw and blew into a cup of hot coffee until blue in the face and no matter what I did, my bubbles sucked. And to this day when I see bubbles in a cup of coffee that failing grade smacks me right in the face. No, this photo isn’t any better then that original F. It’s just a simple daily reminder that I can do better if I want to. It’s all up to me, not my gear, not my post processing, it’s up to me to take the time to make it happen. I will at some point in time wipe that F off the slate, today is just not the day and tomorrow morning, I’ll be reminded once again to try a little harder.

Photo captured by D3s, 105VR (ISO6400) on Lexar UDMA digital film