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on Jan 5, 2010 in Great Stuff

The Submission

“How do You (as in Moose) select images for a submission?” This is a very common question. This is a great question and the answer applies to images being sent to a photo buyer to the blog to the slideshow but not to your wall. What’s the difference? Those images you select that go to the photo buyer or the blog/website have a specific purpose, mostly to grab the viewers attention and make them stop to read the text accompanying the photograph. The photograph has the added weight in this use of filling in the blanks, making up for words not written either because of space or because the right words do not come to excite the imagination.

And the photo on the wall? That’s all yours, that’s where your heart, your experiences and your soul are the text. The technical requirements that are part of the business word don’t have to apply to the photo on the wall. Love is blind. The emotional attachment you have for the images on the wall should not be the ruler you measure images heading out to the photo buyer. How do I get passed that to make the successful submission (because Moose’s have feeling too)?

My system is pretty simple. I go to the folder in DigitalPro where I’m going to select the images. Based on the need, I select those that are going out. These images are then finished to fit the requirements of the photo buyer. These finished images are then put into a newly created folder on the drive and the images viewed in Bridge CS4. Here I look at the overall selection and ask myself, “Do these image fill the requirements put forth by the photo buyer?” With that a couple of images are deleted. These are copies so deleting them is no big deal. I then ask myself, “How do these images represent me as a photographer?” That is very important, you always want to put your best foot forward. I few more images get deleted. Lastly, are the images selected all strong photographs? Your submission is only as strong as the weakest image. The last, wrong images are in the trash. You now have a solid submission.

Why use Bridge? It’s a great portal into Photoshop. Why is that important? The Match Print which needs to head out to the photo buyer is best produced using Photoshop IMHO. Now some of these terms, ideas and processes might be foreign to you. Base Camp is a five day business class, it takes that long to explain all of this so there is no way I can do it in just a blog posting. The bottom line is this. In the business world, we have to take a step back (not run away from) our emotional attachment to a photo to be successful. In our own home, I think we should embrace our emotional attachment so we go out the next day and shoot. Hopefully this brief answer to a complicated question gives you a direction in your own submissions.

And what you see here, part of a submission that just went out.