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on Jan 6, 2010 in Camera Tech, Just Out!

Lexar’s Perfect Video Card is Here!

Lexar's new 32GB 300x CF Card

Lexar has announced and is shipping their new 300x 32GB CF Card. I’ve been shooting one for awhile and rely on it as my Slot 2 card in the D3s. What’s a Slot 2 card? In the D3s, you can assign all video clips be stored in one particular slot. With the Lexar 32GB card in Slot 2, where I have it assigned, I can store as many as 16, 5min clips. It works great and I love the speed. I have no doubt that someone will post a speed performance review shortly, it just won’t be me. Just the size makes it great for my shooting needs. What’s in Slot 1 you wonder? I have the Lexar 16GB 600x in slot one for all my still shooting. I remember getting excited when the 128MB card came out in 2000 and now I have 48GB loaded in the camera….Wow! But wait, there’s more!

Lexar's 64GB Echo backup

Lexar’s 64GB Echo ZE Backup is so small, I think I’ll loose it but I know it won’t loose the data. How small is it, click here to see just how small I’m talkin. I’m told this will be available in a couple of months. Not soon enough for me. Oh, did you go check out just how small it is, isn’t that bloody amazing! And to top off this Lexar feast, I want to remind you of my favorite PCIe slot reader.

Lexar PCIe 2.5Gpbs reader

You can order all these goodies (and a lot more) from my bud Jeff Snyder (at Adorama). Keep in mind the Echo 64GB isn’t available yet but I bet you can order it and be the first on your block to receive it! And on the note of full disclosure, I am not paid for any of this. I receive early product as a beta tester and have the ability to purchase cards first which sadly, I do with reckless abandon! Why? I know that Lexar stands behind their product. If something goes wrong, you can count on them.