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on Jan 10, 2010 in Camera Tech, Moose's Camera Bag

Nikon 18f2.8 AF Lens

“What’s that lens on your body?” That is a real common question when I’m shooting with the 18mm and I shoot with it a lot so it’s a common question! This is simply an amazing lens from the past that still has a spot in my camera bag. It’s main attributes that I count on: small, compact size (13.4oz), 77mm filter size (can use a polarizer), AF (though not AFS) and it’s tack freakin sharp! It’s CRC, MFD and rectilinear design (though not officially noted as such) just add to its performance. It’s 100 degree coverage of view in such a small package just works in so many situations and being light weight, makes handholding a snap. Though long out of production, you can still find these gems used. What is really difficult to find is the HB-8 shade! And when you find them, the sellers tend to know they are hard to find! All I can say is, great lens!