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on Jan 13, 2010 in Photography

San Francisco DLWS Day 2-AM

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What a great day! I mean, I loved it all! We started off in grand DLWS tradition, nice and early and headed across the bridges. We ended up at Treasure Island to photograph San Francisco city lights. The storm went through, cleaned the air and lights and then laid down some serious atmosphere for us. Just gorgeous! The photography was the easy part I think. Both photos are straight from the camera. This one, the white balance was set to Cloudy. I wanted that warmth above the Bay Bridge in the clouds. It goes nicely with the light colors of the bridge itself.

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This is a sillier photo I think. Have you seen that American Express commercial where they find all these smiles in very clever everyday places? Well, I’ve been looking for those myself ever since to see just how easy it is to discovery them. This is a real stretch, but the thought of it makes me smile. This was shot with the WB set to Tungsten which cooled off the color and the pending sunrise just starting to come through the clouds.

I did shoot what I feel is a killer pano of the entire city which I’ve not finished yet. It was a very simple scene but it yielded a whole bunch of cool images. It was just a great start to a great day!

Photos captured by D3s, 70-200VR2 on Lexar UDMA digital film