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on Jan 14, 2010 in Landscape Photography, Photography

San Francisco DLWS Day 3-AM

There is a small slice of heaven just north of San Fransisco, Muir Woods. This grove of coastal redwoods has long been a favorite of our families and today, we were fortunate to be be able to share it with our DLWS family. Nestled in the hills behind Mill Valley, the early morning fog lifts and the sun rises creating a magical world. You follow the creek up the walk as you explore the massive trees along the route. I’ve never reached the end of the trail, i spend so much time not really too far from the parking lot.

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Photographing redwoods is something I’ve very comfortable with now. The main thing I look for are small amphitheaters in the forests, miniature groves within the grove. I’m looking for a means of showing the trees in the forest, a visual depth. And at the same time, communicate the majesty of the trees. I also use the PC-E lenses now, I really like not having leaning trees. I really, really like this particular photo that I created today. It started off with plumbing the body to use the PC-E lens. Next was to take a 5 image HDR set that was finished using Photomatix Pro and Silver Efex Pro. The 45PC-E is so wicked sharp, this final image is gorgeous! Simple a grand morning!

Photo captured by D3x, 45PC-E on Lexar UDMA digital film