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on Jan 25, 2010 in Digital Darkroom, Photography, Yellowstone Life

And The Secret…..?

Actually, it’s no secret. How’d I get the extra detail in the gray when there really wasn’t much if any to start?

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A saw one correct guess on Twitter but had not a one correct answer come via email though I actually gave you the answer last week.

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When it comes to pulling out more detail in the exposure, what’s the most popular solution right now? Take a whole bunch of frames and process them through Photomatix Pro. But that’s not what I did here.

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Nope, these are all single frame images shot with no filter on the camera and no filter used in processing. They are all Psuedo HDR as inspired by RC and Matt. When I get back to the studio I’ll record a simple how to. But that’s it, that simple! And for my own photography, if someone looks at my images and says, “You used this or that” in post processing, I feel the image is a failure. The folks in our Yellowstone Adventure saw me sink and swim all week in striving this high standard I set for myself. Sometimes I loose, and sometimes I win.