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on Jan 26, 2010 in Biological Tips, Wildlife Photography, Yellowstone Life

Overcoming Old Habit?

I think it comes from film days when I had just enough money to buy film but not get it all processed right away. Shooting brief action was something I got low returns of success and when it cost money with every click, I wouldn’t take the chance on photographing brief action. Whatever the hesitation is on hitting the shutter release, I push myself now that whenever I see action no matter how brief if the image looks sharp, I hit the shutter release. It does pay off.

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We were out in Lamar Valley seeing lots of critters, especially coyotes. There was a wolf kill and they seem to be pairing up, the combination brought them out of the woodwork. This pair was quite enamored with themselves and for a while, ignored the vehicles piling up to photograph them. In fact, most drove off, bored with the two just piss on this push and crapping on that, typical coyote behavior when in love (sound romantic, doesn’t it?).

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Then they decided it was time to move and move they did. They ran down the hillside right towards us. I didn’t hesitate, got glass on the single animal, the D3x locked on and I fired. The combination of the action, spraying powder, dried weeds the same color as the coyote scattered about the frame, I really like the image and the whole time with the pair. When love is in the air, critters tend to ignore us and great images can come from that opportunity. With encouragement like this, gotta keep working on that old, bad habit.

Photos captured by D3x, 200-400VR (handheld) on Lexar UDMA digital film