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on Feb 26, 2010 in Friday Thoughts

You ARE your ONLY Competition!

The moment is seared into my memory, the morning I strategically placed that note on the boss’ desk. It took me months to screw up the courage to even entertain the thought, countless conversations with Sharon weighing all the pros and cons of my decision. It was a life altering decision I’d come to and not one to be taken lightly. We had two sons that weren’t even in preschool yet, how would we make it? That night I printed out a hundred copies of the note, trying to keep the message and sentiment short, sweet and to the point. Each iteration that came out of the printer just a little tighter, each one leaving less wiggle room for me and the boss. I changed the paper, I switched to the card, not sure who I was trying to convince this was the way to go, the boss or me. Then came that morning, I carefully placed the note on the boss’ desk and went to my desk to...

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on Feb 25, 2010 in Camera Tech, Accessories

SB-900 Moose Primer

Flash is an incredibly important tool for photographers. There is tons of great info on the web already on the SB-900 which includes our Fl Bird video at Kelby Training. This video is just a simple, get you up and running video. This video expresses all my current settings. So if you see an older video or text, anything posted prior to this date, then those setting are not my current settings. Hope this helps!

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