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on Feb 9, 2010 in Camera Tech

The 24f1.4 AFS and YOUR photography

You might be looking at the price of $2200 for the 24f1.4AFS and be saying to yourself, “Damn, speed’s expensive!” The answer is, yes, it is very expensive but before you discount the 24f1.4 because of price, consider what that f1.4 can do for you at 24mm and nice and close to your subject. Minimum DOF, isolating your subject, taking in the rest of the world but just hinting at it, these are just some of the attributes the 24f1.4 might bring to your photography. I have two videos on the two f1.4 lenses I currently have in my arsenal, you might want to give them a view, they might help you think if a need for the 24f1.4AFS.



If you’re on the fence, can I recommend you rent the 24f1.4 prior to buying it. When you rent, do it so you have a least a week with the piece of gear and when you have time to really shoot with it. You’d be surprised how you’ll find the right lens doing this and the right lens can make all the difference in the world!.