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on Feb 10, 2010 in Camera Tech, Lenses

Nikon TC-20e3 – All She Wrote!

Seriously, this is how it went. I’m sitting at my desk. Always set up next to me is the 600mm so I can photograph birds out the window while I’m at my desk working. I was finishing up details for a project coming up in a few months and needed to check something out on the map. We have a 6′ Alaska map on the wall and being lazy, I swung the 600mm to look at the logistics of the location. Without really thinking about it, I attached the TC-20e3 to see more detail (lazy slug I am) and that’s when it occurred to me. Make a click.

I didn’t take time to make the camera and the map parallel like I should for a true test (you can see in lower left corner of 600wo photo it’s soft because of this), I just clicked and looked at the LCD. I took off the TC-20e3 and made another click. I’m more then satisfied with the results. Yeap, I give it the Moose blessing (big whoop) and will now consider it a valuable tool. Here, you can see what I saw in the files

600f4VR w/o TC-20e3

600f4VR w/TC-20e3

Now a ~real~ freakin common question is, “Have you tried the TC-20e3 on the 70-200VR2?” The answer was, no, because that’s not a combo I would normally shoot with. I would simply pull out the 200-400VR because I want the DOF. There are a couple of things I really like about the TC-20e3: it’s sharp, it’s really, really snug when attached to body and lens; and Nikon put in the instruction book, finally really clear that the DOF is “1/2 that of a prime lens (pg20).” Been fighting that battle for a long time but there it is. So when attached to the 70-200VR, you ain’t got no DOF until you close the lens down and then you’ve lost your shutter speed. Being in a lazy test mood though, I decided to put the TC-20e3 on the 70-200VR2 and take a snap of the office sign (handheld shot).

Here you go, a click from that combo

And with that, I’ve done my official, unofficial review of the TC-20e. And those who know me know that the only true test comes from in the field shooting. I’ve got about 10days of office work ahead of me so any real field, need a problem solved, shooting ain’t going to happen right away. But I have no hesitation saying Nikon did a sweet job with the TC-20e3, it’s worth the moolah. And that’s all she wrote, at least all I wrote.