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on Feb 15, 2010 in Field Reports

A Presentation YOU Can't Miss!

My dear friend and Moose Hero Tim Paine will be presenting at TWI this fall and you’re invited! Tim is an amazing shooter and his photography don’t suck either. I’m not a creepy crawly shooter myself but sure can appreciate someone who is. Time just take these photos, he lives his photos. Here’s an expert from the write up for his presentation

Tim Paine has traveled extensively throughout the Neotropics, logging countless hours photographing the herpetofauna of Central and South America. He always has an amazing array of images to share and a unique perspective regarding conservation the and the lands from which these species hail. More about Tim (and samples of his photographic skills) can be viewed here… and also can be seen on the covers of TWI’s Leaf Litter Magazine (issues 1.1, 2.1, 3.1).

Another good friend and Moose Hero, Joel Sartore is incredibly active getting the world out. Check out this video from his project.

A Thousand Species from Joel Sartore.

Joel has a very busy speaking schedule, his next big event in in Washington DC at Nat’l G, here’s the info for that presentation. You can’t find better examples of photographers not only pursing their craft while at the same time getting the word out about our natural heritage then these guys. Do yourself a favor, I know you’re have a great time and be inspired, GO to these events!